Watch How The New Light BMW M4 Is Still Heavier Than The Older M4 DCT

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These days all the auto manufacturers try to design and develop car which are lighter than the other models and previous generations. They mostly use carbon fiber in order to make that happen. You might not believe it, but there are still cars out there (even performance cars) that are fatter instead of being lighter. To name a few, here is the all-new BMW M4.

The point is that the new gorgeous model (offered with rear-wheel drive capability and manual transmission) which is painted in some shade of lime, is supposed to be the lightest and yet it is heavier than the old M4 DCT (dual-clutch automatic gearbox). How odd is that?

2021 BMW M4

The brand has started to release a series of videos, talking and explaining about the new M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe. The first episode of the series talks about the weight of the two models. Hearing the specs, you expect the F82 M4 DCT to be heavier, since it features an automatic gearbox, but you know, that’s not true.

We believe that the comparison is somehow problematic, since the specification of the models are not really the same. It is more like comparing apples to oranges, or even to bananas.

The new BMW M4 with its tank full, weighs 3,690 pounds (or 1,674 kilograms), while the older generation that offers an automatic transmission weighs 1,640 kg. It does not seem to be much of an issue now, but the problem is when you add an automatic gearbox to the new model. Then you can see how big the difference can get.

Maybe that is why the buyers prefer the BMW M2 to the new models, the weight. We know that we should not judge people by their weight in the real world, but in the industry, you are free to judge as much as your heart desires.

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