Warm Up Your Day With Venom F5 Backfire

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When all the world is busy with electric vehicles, Hennessey is delivering its hypercar with a big internal combustion engine to the customers. Venom F5 is one of the cars you won’t forget. Recently, the company tested its vehicle on dyno, just to make us excited. After a long time, we can see a real backfire.

Delivery of Venom F5 started last year and just 23 of them remain. The company put the stripped-down prototype on a chassis dyno and we can hear the engine roars, but not too much loud. What you are hearing here is the sound of 6.6-liter V8 with a pair of turbochargers and an impressive 8,500 rpm redline. This car on dyno rev to 8,300 just for safety.

This is the car that will break the sound barrier. No claims yet by the company but we hope to see it. by now you can see this engine has an output of 1,817 hp at 8,000 rpm and 1,617 Nm of torque at 5,000 rpm. This engine under the hood is a redesign one base on GM's LS V8. New dry sump, titanium intake valves, cast-iron block, and fuel injectors. The management system changed and was ready to go on the streets. This vehicle uses a single-clutch, seven-speed semi-automatic transmission fitted with paddle shifters.

Even this hypercar is coming without any airbags and a tag of $2.1-million, it seems the customer has no problem paying for it. most of them will just put this beast in the cage at showrooms or in their garage. It is said buyers will use it just for 2,500 miles per year.

As there is still a struggle to see who’s the fastest legal vehicle, Venom F5 might face Tuatara. Just we should wait and see which one would reach 500 km/h sooner.

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