Voyah Unveils Ultra-Luxe Dreamer MPV

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Voyah, a Chinese automaker known for its premium electric vehicles, has unveiled the Private Customized Edition of its 2024 Dreamer MPV at the upcoming Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show. This exclusive offering marks a shift towards ultra-luxury travel, redefining what a minivan can be.

Taking inspiration from other high-end MPVs like the Denza D9 Pioneer Edition and Zeekr 009 Glory Edition, the Dreamer Private Customized Edition ditches the traditional seating layout in favor of a spacious four-seater configuration. Imagine an executive jet cabin on wheels, perfect for those seeking unparalleled comfort and privacy.

Voyah interior

The design stays true to the 2024 Voyah Dreamer's aesthetics. A striking dual-color body paint job, likely featuring combinations like purple and white or gold and black, will grab attention wherever you go. The signature "waterfall" grille completes the imposing front fascia, exuding a sense of power and sophistication.

But the real magic happens inside. As the name suggests, customization is king. Expect a plethora of options to personalize your Dreamer, from selecting exquisite floor materials to installing a mesmerizing "starry sky" roof that mimics the night sky. Prepare to be pampered in the lavish rear cabin. Two independent, aviation-grade seats with plush headrests will cradle you in comfort. For entertainment, a retractable large screen emerges at your command, while hidden speakers ensure a truly immersive audio experience. An in-car refrigerator keeps your refreshments chilled, making every journey a delight.


While Voyah hasn't revealed the official powertrain yet, the standard 2024 Dreamer offers a choice between a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and a pure electric (EV) variant. The PHEV boasts a powerful combination of a 1.5T engine and dual electric motors, churning out a staggering 571 horsepower and 840 Nm of torque. This translates to impressive fuel efficiency with a CLTC comprehensive range of 1,231 km, making long road trips a breeze. If you prefer pure electric power, the EV option delivers a 650 km CLTC cruising range thanks to its dual-motor setup and a large 108.73 kWh battery pack.

The price tag for this ultimate MPV experience is expected to be around $88,300, similar to the 2022 Voyah Dreamer Private Customized model. While Dreamer sales figures haven't quite reached the heights of competitors like the Denza D9 (which sold over 127,000 units in 2023), Voyah is confident that the Private Customized Edition will attract discerning buyers seeking an unparalleled blend of luxury, comfort, and personalization. With its focus on exclusivity and bespoke touches, the Dreamer Private Customized Edition is poised to redefine the luxury MPV segment.

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