Volkner Mobil Performance S Motorhome, Have Your Transportable Garage Too

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Volkner Mobil, based in Germany, creates the most luxury RVs imaginable, and its latest model, the Performance S, has a Bugatti Chiron in storage beneath.The exterior is eggplant purple in hue. When the vehicle is stopped, a slide-out wall offers even more room. There are solar panels on the roof and a total battery capacity of 1,800 amp-hours.

Hydraulically, the under-vehicle garage emerges. The owner drives an automobile onto the platform, which slides beneath it. There is no need for tie-downs. Volkner promotes this as a way to carry a second vehicle without the need for a trailer.

Inside, it has a high-end Burmester radio, a power-rising storage space for plates and cups, a shower, white upholstery throughout the cabin, and hand-applied BrilliantBlack wood veneer.


Freshwater tanks with capacities ranging from 750 to 1,000 liters are available to purchasers.

Power is provided by either a Volvo engine with 454 horsepower or a Mercedes engine with 424 hp. Both are linked to an automatic transmission.

Volkner estimates that this Performance S motorhome would cost €2,035,000.

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