Turkey’s Togg Makes Public Debut At CES

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TOGG, Turkey's newest carmaker, debuted in North America at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show with a new concept vehicle. Pininfarina designed the automobile, which complements the company's previously unveiled small electric SUV and sedan ideas. It's unclear whether this current fastback is a replacement for the previously shown tiny car or was constructed just for CES.

TOGG does not specify if this new research is a preview of a commercial vehicle or merely a CES show car.

Meanwhile, the lighted Togg emblem is exclusive to this vehicle and depicts the fusion of Eastern and Western civilizations. The front end is visually similar to TOGG's first production model, the C-SUV, which will be released in 2023.

The pair of suicide-style rear doors appear to be the most intriguing part of the appearance. The Togg Transition Concept Smart Device has a dynamic steering wheel, four single seats with integrated seatbelts, and a slew of information screens on the inside.


Togg intends to release five variants based on the same platform, all of which will be powered by battery packs that the company claims it will manufacture in-house in collaboration with Chinese manufacturer Farasis.

The batteries used in such cars will be marketed to both automotive and non-automotive consumers.

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