Toyota Hilux Could Tow 210-ton Trucks In Thailand + Video

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Toyota likes to be always some how different. This time an amazing competition is done by the Hilux, in Thailand. The video of this big competition has gone viral. The story goes on a Toyota Hilux which tries to pull a 210 tons Three mining Truck. Although its impossible, but Hilux examined its Towing limits.

Toyota Hilux as the best-selling pick-up in the world, should do some thing to impress the community and attract the attention once more. So, Toyota Thailand managed a pulling competition for this truck against a giant Truck. And hopefully, Hilux didn’t let Toyota down.

We should accept not every regular Hilux’s could do such a thing. The one here is also the top-range of these truck model. Just the top model, without any other tunes on the powertrain or other accessories, except from the tires which are more robust and an extra weight in the box for better traction.

In Thailand, Hilux has a 2.8 turbodiesel engine, which with the recent updates can have 204 hp output and also 500 Nm of torque. Also, the transmission system is a six-speed automatic one plus one reducer on 4×4 traction system, as its necessary for pulling things. The standard brake towing capacity is 3,500 kilograms (or 3.5 tones).

As it is shown on the video, by the first efforts Hilux has some difficulties but when the truck starts moving, there is nothing else left to do by Hilux.

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