The Secret Of Tesla Model 3 Safety, Glass

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Elon Musk, a very familiar name both in space and on earth and even famous among people not so interested in the space industry or cars, has nowadays a new claim about its Tesla Model 3. This Bigwig, by referencing the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) report, name Tesla Model 3 the safest car in the world. Actually, the next 2 safest cars are Tesla too. Before the Model 3, Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X were the best and second-best car in the safety category. But are the rating procedures of NHTSA, an all-aspect assessment?

NHTSA gives stars to the cars by points which the vehicle takes from individual tests and then an overall star. Although this organization announced that Model 3 has the lowest probability of injury and no any car. This statement gave Musk confidence to call Model 3 the safest car around the world. Nevertheless, NHTSA demanded that Musk take back the statement and not affiliate them with the organization.

However, we can’t ignore the 5 stars for Tesla. But how they did such an engineering in the cowboys’ world who believes safety took the leisure of living away? “Bumper 2 Bumper” arranged an interesting investigation on this Tesla with a nonprofit company. They suggest maybe the Model 3's special glass has a great impact on keeping the passengers safe in crashes.

By watching this video, we learn what does really mean safest in the U.S., and also how crash tests are done there. How are the glasses really formed to make it safer? And some more info’s. thanks to productors of this interesting clip. Enjoy it.

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