The New Toyota Land Cruiser On The Way, Luck For Middle East

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Some days ago, Toyota has come up with a new teaser of its all-new Land Cruiser. This is another teaser video. Without any doubt, land cruiser is one of the most familiar SUV in all times, and in 9th of June, the whole new revolution comes to this Japanese SUV. The next generation will run their lives.

Its just 6 seconds teaser. Yet we can’t name the new generation. By now we name it the LC300, just like the prototype which company shared. It should look like the prototype too. So, by making the rendering below our guideline, we should be prepared for a full-size SUV. Maybe you thing that’s just a face lift on the LC200, but company grantees it is an all-new model.

There isn’t much information about this big car yet, but according to some leaked specs, this truck will have an aluminum roof, smaller fuel tank to keep the weight low and of course a 10-speed automatic transmission system. More significant, a GR Sport derivative is confirmed. This is first time for Toyota which would lock the front and rear differential and alongside with GR Sport, comes the Toyota's proprietary Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS).

The exterior shout out, its still Toyota Land Cruiser, but inside got much more up-to-dated. Its completely redesigned. The dashboard has a 12.3-inch infotainment taking center stage. And with High-end versions, customers can have their rear seat entertainment system with 11.6-inch screens and a JBL sound system packing 14 speakers.

This company scheduled the goodbye ceremony of current Lad Cruiser in US market by end of 2021, but maybe LC300 will come back soon. What’s important to this firm, is its market in middle east. Actually, middle east is the biggest fan of this big SUV. Even, Nissan found the love of these people, so they are now selling the Patrol Nismo exclusively in this region.

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