The New Peugeot Landtrek On The Way Of Middle East & Africa

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15th February of 2021, Peugeot has revealed its new Vehicle, but this time it’s a revival of the Peugeot Pick-up. The new Peugeot Landtrek is here. Here means the Middle East Africa region. To make this truck it its best for the local region, some efforts have done but still it has the same spirit of the 404 wagon and the 504 Pick-up truck.

Middle East Africa region always was a good market for the Peugeot in the segment of One Ton Pick-up. Annually its sales about 300,000 unites. Now this new Peugeot Landtrek to cover more taste of customers, is offered in three body styles: double and single cab as well as a chassis cab suitable for different conversions.

peugeot landtrek 2021

Capacity & Payload

Moreover, not suitable for professional needs but also for family. It has one tone payload and capable of 3.5 tons towing capacity. If you like you can also have your own cargo bed in the segment for comfort accommodation. For the model of Double Cab, by folding down the rear seats, the backrests can support a load of up to 100 kg. In addition, two ISOFIX fasteners ensure the safety and docking of child seats. Also, for providing more comfort, the rear seat for all types of Landtrek have enough foot space.

2021 peugeot landtrek

Exterior Look

The exterior design shows the strong personality of this French lion. vertical grille with the Lion in the center and vertical LED light signatures (depending on version). Beside these one to four cameras could be installed on the body to give wider sight. The off-road camera (in the passenger rear-view mirror) and 360° panoramic vision support the driver when negotiating obstacles or narrow lanes.


Also, inside the car a 10'' HD screen at the top of the dashboard, just like the Peugeot 508, is considered. advanced connectivity (USB / Bluetooth sockets), and automatic dual zone air conditioning are the other features of it.

2022 Peugeot Landtrek


As this vehicle has different versions, vary engines are needed too. As mentioned before the three silhouettes are available for Landtrek. And also, in Petrol and Diesel with manual or automatic gearboxes, and has fantastic crossing capacities with two- or four-wheel drive transmissions.

On this vehicle it is possible to have a 1.9-liter diesel engine and thanks to a variable turbine geometry with 16 valves with the output of 150 hp. This engine transfers 340 Nm to the Getrag 6-speed manual gearbox, which has a chain distribution system to improve reliability and maintenance costs. Also, the other engine of 2.4 liter turbocharged with petrol fuel with 219 horsepower out put is used. It delivers 320 Nm of torque to Getrag manual or 6-speed Punch automatic transmission with Manual, Sport or Eco modes.

peugeot landtrek 2021

Wide Range Of Facilities

As Peugeot has so many international suppliers in Europe, Japan or USA, this Truck is designed with best standards. As company claims more than 2 million test kilometers are done. Beside some standards facilities on the Truck, its also possible to have more accessories. Running boards, thermoformed body protection, hard top glass, chrome roll bar, alarm, safety mats are just some of them. More than 40 ones would be available soon.


When it comes to the safety, this Pick-up can be one of the bests. The 6 airbags and ESP with special programming ensure the safety of passengers. The Hill Descent Control keeps the vehicle at a very low speed and allows the driver to concentrate solely on steering, providing control and safety in anxiety-inducing situations. The ASR which is like an enhanced traction system are on both 4x2 and 4x4 versions. And the railer Swing Control (towing assistance system) with ESP that acts automatically as soon as the trailer swings.

Debut Time

As company says, this truck will be tested from beginning of March in the Maghreb and West African countries, then gradually in Central African countries. And the launch spreads in the second half of year with arrival of the Right-hand drive versions in order to cover significant markets in Southern and Eastern Africa. Countries in the Middle East will follow.

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