The New BMW S 1000 R, Lighter & More Astonishing

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The BMW new supersport motorcycle is here, “BMW S 1000 R”. You can consider it as the emotional roadster which is a great combination of supersports riding dynamics. This ride has everything in balance. This bike has the power of supersports S 1000 RR and also the body is improved. Moreover, engineers by using the latest technology did their best to make it better than ever.


The in-line four-cylinder engine of the BMW S 1000R is actually based on the s 100 RR . with this engine you can have 165 hp of power at 11000 RPM. Also, at 9250 RPM you will have 114 Nm which is the maximum number for it. BMW has extended the gear ratio on the 4th, 5th and 6th gears so the fuel consumption is much lower. Beside the mentioned number the new BMW S 1000 R has engine drag torque control (MSR). This feature prevents the rear wheel from slipping.

BMW S 1000 R exhaust akropovic

Light As A Feather

The next issue it its weight. All the frame and swingarm are much lighter. They are not the only parts which are light. The engine it self is also lighter. Also, by the narrow design makes the rider much in ease. By the adjustable handlebar clamp rider can adjust the seat by his/hers will.

BMW S 1000 R

Newest Brake Technology

The brake unit is some how complicated but also so interesting. the new BMW S 1000 R has Dynamic Traction Control DTC, ABS Pro with banking angle optimization and the three riding modes "Rain", "Road" and "Dynamic" by default. But if you like to have more options you can try the "Riding Modes Pro" option. As part of the "Riding Modes Pro" option, Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) additionally supports the rider during emergency braking manoeuvres.

Next Option But Not The Least

Much more are about the new LED Headlamp which are based on the state-of-the-art LED technology. Also don’t forget the Multifunctional instrument cluster with 6.5-inch TFT screen which gives the rider the opportunity of maximum accessibility to the information. Also, the latest BMW S 100 R is visually so harmonic with the colors. The senses of sporty, dynamic soul of the motorcycle is presented by the colors too. The options of Style Sport and the M package also has additional power.

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