The Luxury Version Of Mercedes EQS SUV, Maybach Simplified The Luxury Meaning

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Mercedes really rocked at the Munich motor show. Actually, this year, the IAA was just about electric cars. At the show, Mercedes-Maybach as the luxury sub company of the marque revealed its first electric vehicle. Maybe it doesn’t have the long edgy look, but it’s the next generation taste.

mercedes maybach eqs suv

The Mercedes-Maybach EQS concept doesn’t need all the confusing and muscular front grille. Instead of that, company arranged a shiny panel with vertical pinstripes in chrome over a black background. Also, the lower fascia has chrome louvers too. As future is about less luxury, Maybach preferred a seamless appearance.

This car doesn’t have any curves and door handles place on the body. Just by approaching it, the handles emerge out and just the driver, the door opens automatically and the driver could open the door for the others.

mercedes mayback eqs suv

The color of this Maybach is combination of Zircon Red Metallic on the lower portion and Obsidian Black Metallic on top. The colors maybe are somehow disappointing, but it was a good chose to use chrome around the pillars. The contrast is now meaningful. The B-pillar has the brand's M emblem in a pattern and the 24-inch wheels has the bowl-shaped design. Philipp Schiemer, Head of Top End Vehicle Group at Mercedes-Benz AG, claimed about the designing of the vehicle:

"The near-production concept car represents proof that state-of-the-art electric drive technology and pioneering infotainment with the MBUX Hyper screen combine perfectly with hallmark Maybach craftsmanship and an exquisite interior,"

Interior is as expected luxurious. The center console with white piano lacquer, and the gold stripes made an eye mistake. The interior looks bigger than what it really is. Beside the Deep-see blue colors make the cabin more relaxing. The opulent seats and arm-rests is the result of inspiration from high-quality sideboards.

mercedes mayback eqs suv

On the dashboard, you can see a huge screen but in fact, that’s three displays with a glass cover. The passengers could have their own 12.3-inch OLED monitors too. The Roundy air vents is now on trend too, so why Mercedes Maybach shouldn’t use one?

The original version of this EQS SUV will go on the production by Mercedes in 2022, and later we can expect to see the Maybach variant too.

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