The Limited Edition Bentley Pikes Peak Continental GT On Its Way Around The World

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The Bentley Pikes Peak Continental GT, which has 18 month ago brought proud to the company, now just 15 of its limited editions is on the way to their new owners. This 15 hand-built limited-edition Pikes Peak Continental GT by Mulliner are finished at the main factory in England.

 Limited Edition Bentley Pikes Peak Continental GT

In 2019 this W12-powered Continental GT race car has covered International Hill Climb just in 8 seconds. This record is a good advertisement for Bentley to show its Continental GT power. Now this record-breaking is already sold out. 5 of them are on the way to US to their new owner. The other ones will go to japan, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, New Zealand, Latvia and the United Kingdom.

Just being the record breaker is not enough for Bentley. Actually, the detailing is itself so impressive. You can see the master paintwork on the car. Also, the lightweight and carbon fiber kit are much in the sight. Don’t forget the tyres too.

At the front of car, the lower bumper with its gloss black detailing, the mirrored on the roof panel and wing mirrors and rear surfaces are doing their work on their best way.

Moreover, the Mulliner’s 22-inch Driving Specification wheels in Gloss Black comes as a standard option to this car. meanwhile you can have the ‘100’ grille as an option for your limited produced GT. that shows that record-breaking Pikes Peak run took place in Bentley’s centenary year. All the small details are shouting out its car performance.

 Limited Edition Bentley Pikes Peak Continental GT 100 grille

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