The GT Ride-On Is Here, You Kid Can Have Its Own McLaren

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McLaren introduced a whole new car. With every detail and comfort facilities. Every one can ride it even without the driving license, in the case you could fir on the seat. Its actually McLaren GT for the children between 3 to 6 years old. This tiny car is the fourth vehicle of this British company. The real question here, is why we are born so soon?

This little GT, has all thing that a car lover wants, even it has the dihedral-opening doors, just like the real thing. Just by pushing the start bottom, you can hear the engine sound, and if you push the pedal beside the speed, the noise gets higher. Brakes works well, and the LED taillights get on.

mclaren gt for kids

Inside the car, has its own infotainment screen too. By the system your kid can play music via a USB device or SD card, and if you pay a bit more money, you can buy the version with a screen capable of playing MP4 video files. Hayley Robinson, the Merchandise, Licensing & Partnerships Manager of McLaren Automotive, states:

"At McLaren Automotive, we aim to inspire the future generation of supercar enthusiasts. The new GT Ride-On allows even the smallest of fans to discover the magic of our pioneering supercars,"

maclaren gt for kids

So, if your child is between three to six years old, or even you are small enough to fit in, you can have one of these GTs which are available in six colors: Amaranth Red, Burnished Copper, Burton Blue, McLaren Orange, Onyx Black, and Silica White.

maclaren gt for kids

These GT ride-on have the price tags from $230 to $330, according to the model and options you want. This car is way cheaper than the real sized! (not a surprise), and it’s even cheaper than other models for the kids too.

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