The Ford Festiva Is Cutting The Grasses, The New Invention By Ginger Billy

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Spring is here and your yard is occupied with grasses. The answer is definitely a grass cutter. It is obvious you need this machine, but it seems Ginger Billy saw the situation as an opportunely and built its own grass cutter with air conditioner.

Ginger Billy, the Youtuber, has revealed its new DIY on the old Ford Festiva by changing this vehicle to a grass cutter machine. He thinks, working with this vehicle is much easier than working with the lawn. No more, sunshine on your head and sweating it hot weather.

The instruction to do such a thing needs just a Ford Festiva, a 600cc Briggs & Stratton lawnmower engine, and mower blades. The rear of vehicle should be cut to make enough space for the lawnmower engine. And instead of the rear wheels should place the mower blades too. So, as you can see Billy, just sit on the driver’s seat, and turn the ignition key which is in the center console. By the safety issues there’s a kill-switch for the motor if the driver can’t handle the shock and awe of the B & G powerhouse.

What is left, just the cool air from ventures, with maximum comfort, cut the grass. And even more, you can take your date in to the Ford too. There is a passenger’s seat for your gust. Just for more information, you wonder to know, this car, with other names (but same base) is still on the production line in middle east.

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