The First Ever Fisker Ocean Is Debuted

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Los Angeles show this year was the host of many electric vehicles. Fisker took the chance and introduced its first electric crossover, the Fisker Ocean. However, this vehicle was already introduced in 2019 and promised then to have an over 483 Km range. Now after about two years, this company showed the production version of it.

Let’s start with the Fisker Ocean Sport. This vehicle has a single lithium-ion-phosphate battery. As it’s a front-axle electric motor, the practical range is 402 Km with the maximum output of 205 kw. The speeding up time to 100 km/h is 6.6 seconds and it is equipped with the automatic emergency braking, a "BigSky" panoramic moonroof, and a massive 17.1-inch vertical touchscreen all come standard, among a few other features.

fisker ocean electric crossover

The other Ocean here is the Ocean Ultra. This Crossover is a bit fancier than the Sport model. It has a Hyper Range CATL battery and two electric motors, with a range of 547 km and 403 kW of output. Thanks to its two motors, it hit 100km/h in just 3.9 seconds. a 360-degree parking camera, rear automatic emergency braking, lane-keep assist, traffic-sign recognition is just some of the options which this Ultra has.

fisker ocean electric crossover

Ocean Extreme is an improved version of the previous model. This one has the same battery pack and dual electric motors as the Ultra model but can travel further. The travel range which is introduced by company is 563 km and also the engine output can reach to 410 kW. Also, this Extreme one uses new 22-inch wheels, front and rear heated seats, and as we note in the headline, a 17.1-inch revolving display. The screen inside the vehicle can be adjusted just a touch to vertical or horizontal position.

"In our vehicle we have a screen, on the push of a button, it changes from portrait mode to landscape mode,"

That’s how the CEO of Fisker sees it. also, one part of Extreme package is SolarSky. This is in fact a roof-mounted solar panel, which extends the travel range for 2,414 km annually.

The last Ocean here is Ocean One. This one is going to the best one. It has some artistic touches, like seeing the One on the door sills and areas of the cabin and also one option of Big Sur Blue paint job with a metallic matte finish for customers.

The price tag just by the model changes. The base Sport model starts at $37,499 and the Extreme and One Ocean is going on sale with price tag of $68,999. If you are convinced to have it, just with $250 deposit you can submit your order and later maybe on November 17, 2022 you can get your fancy electric crossover.

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