The All-New DS 9 Costs An Arm And A Leg

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This is DS 9, the new French flagship sedan we are talking about, but we are still surprised that it costs more than its German equivalent, the BMW 5 Series! The model which was revealed in February, is very chic, luxurious and stylish. The important point is not only about delicacy and grace, but it is also technologically rich! So, you get to have both beauty and innovation in DS 9. But at what price? You will see!

DS 9 front

Pricing & Specs

DS 9 is offered with some different trim levels. In its home, the price of DS 9 Performance Lince starts at €47,700. With current exchange rates and status, it will be approximately $57,075. The base model which is a plug-in hybrid vehicle, produces almost 225 horsepower or 168 kilowatts (the electric motor and engine combined). The Rivoli version costs €51,700 or $61,862.

DS 9 rear

Well, you might think that the price is pretty reasonable, but it’s the other PHEV power system which costs an arm and a leg! This variant is called E-Tense (and is probably “tens” because of the price!). It generates almost 360 horsepower or 268 kilowatts. With the help of an automatic 8-speed gearbox, the power is distributed between the four wheels. The dear E-Tense’s price tag shows €65,500 ($78,375). But that is not all! The most expensive trim of DS 9 is called Rivoli E-Tense and its price starts at $81,845 or €68,400!

DS 9 Cabin

In France, you can buy the DS 9’s equivalent (which is the BMW 5 Series) for only $60,187 (€50,300). The two models are equipped with the same technologies and have the same level of comfort and beauty. Even the most expensive model with a 3.0-litre six-cylinder diesel engine and an 8-speed automatic gearbox, is less expensive than the current DS 9 (€65,250/$78,075).

Apparently, this pricy but super charming sedan will be delivered to the customers in September 2021.

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