The All-New Changan CS35 Plus Is On The Way, A Pretty Chinese Car

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Changan is one of the most popular carmakers in China and it has a special interest in SUVs and crossover vehicles. Changan also sells its crossovers outside China in markets like Iran. As Chinese and Iranian buyers also showing good feedback to SUV vehicles, Changan revealed its latest SUV called the CS35 Plus. the CS35 nameplate is familiar to the market but the Plus version seems to have a different design language and new technologies and Changan has upgraded its features in almost any aspect.

Changan CS35 Plus

Changan CS35 is a successful car in the market with more than a million units sold and the brand new CS35 Plus is expected to optimize the sale even more.


In terms of design, we can see that the overall design has been inspired by the upper-grade CS75 Plus. with a big grille, silk headlights, and red accents outside the cabin and on the bumpers, the CS35 Plus is aiming at young buyers.

At the rear, there is a lightbar and the Changan logo can be seen in the middle. Two tailpipes and a fake diffuser are also added to give the CS35 Plus a more aggressive look. In the end, we can mention beautiful 18-inch wheels.

Changan CS35 Plus measures 4330 mm long, 1825 mm wide, and 1660 mm tall and has a respectable wheelbase of 2600 mm which is not bad for a small SUV.

Changan CS35

Changan CS35 Plus has been improved a lot inside the cabin. Its design looks inspired by the CS75 Plus and with a 12.25-inch screen and 7-inch digital instrument cluster. The interior looks modern and nice and Changan tried to use fewer buttons as possible in order to bring beauty and comfort together.

Young buyers will love the new CS35 Plus as its interior is roomy and comfortable enough. There is also a new technology inside the cabin called the smart window function that can realize six functions like one-button lifting of four-door windows, automatic window closing when the car is locked, and automatic window closing when it rains.

Changan CS35


Under the hood, Changan CS35 Plus uses a 1.4-liter turbo engine with 158 hp and 260 nm of torque which is pretty good for a small crossover. Power sent to the front wheels via 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission developed in house by Changan. The new transmission is not only fast but it helps the CS35 Plus to reach a lower fuel consumption and emission.

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