The Aggressive Body Kit On Toyota Supra By Avante Design

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Toyota Supra has newly released a new body kit on its vehicle. This body kit by the engineer team should brought the car, the same look of an original Supra with the meetups and camaraderie among enthusiasts. This body kit belongs to the Avante Design and suits Mk5 Supra very well.

Avante Group had to be so careful about the audiences’ desires. So, by the front look, this body kit provides the car a wide-open front bumper with one big scoop. The bigger front splitter with some aero flicks on the leading edges is a good thing but not enough to impress the costumers. The big vents which fill the space between headlights and bumper can have bigger impression.

toyota supra mk5 body kit by avante groupe

The rear of vehicle has not changed much. But the massive rear wing is hard to ignore. Moreover, the louvers on the rear window is another thing in this body kit. Also, this kit includes an addition clear acrylic for better visibility. The auxiliary brake lights to the bottom of the rear window are on this package too.

toyota supra mk5 body kit of avante groupe

When we say release, we meant jut a concept. They are some photos of rendering now in stage two kit in yellow and the stage three kit in red. As this firm claim, they had a good feed back on the body kit, so with high percentage it will go on production soon.

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