The 2023 Honda Civic Type R On Its Way To Nürburgring For Additional Tests

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Honda has busy days, these times. On the one hand revealing the new Honda Civic Si, on the other hand working on new innovations. All these works won’t stop this automaker to make a small teaser of its new Civic Type R. don’t be confused. Its not the model of 2022, it’s the model of 2023.

Just on the way to the Nürburgring to pass some other tests, Honda make the work for the spy shot photographers easy. It published high quality pictures of this new hatchback. Although the camouflage has covered all other the vehicle, but still, we can see the Brembo red brake calipers and grippy Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires. This new Type R has also less faux air vents in compare with previous models.

This Japanese marque used an odd exhaust pipes number too. Three of them at the lower centered position of back of car. Two small ones and one big one at the middle. Also, rear wing has changed too. It’s now in a bit higher position of tailgate and changed its shape to a flatter shape.

If the regular 2022 Civic has improved a lot, this model of 2023 is way higher than 2022 model. Big air intake made the car more muscular. Also, upper grille is chunkier. It has the honeycomb pattern too, but not in the exact shape of standard Civic Hatchback.

honda civic 2023 type R

Putting one more step forward, by the new technologies used on this new model, we don’t know yet. But what can be guessed using a manual gearbox for this Type R just as Si model. Some other rumors claim the output can reach to 400 hp which is a combination of internal combustion engine and also hybrid system along with it. this hot hatchback uses AWD too. But there Is some other possibility of more power exceeded out of 2.0-liter FWD recipe.

Maybe Civic Type R becomes the last Honda with just gasoline engine in Europe.

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