Tesla Football Shoes Would Blow Your Mind Away

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Elon Must is a true genius. He knows what he is doing and he knows his way to make money. But does it mean he would enter a whole other industry professionally? Since yesterday, the news of Tesla football shoes is going around. Apparently, some people believe that one would never have “too much Tesla”. Well, they are right. There is no such thing as too much Tesla.

One of the most talented designers and CGI artists, Hussain Almossawi, has created a concept art which shows Tesla football shoes. He has worked with some famous brands like Nike, Ogilvy & Mathers, Adidas and EA Sports.

Thanks to some viral concepts, now he is well-known name in auto industry. Let’s just be honest, he is good! He has imagined what would happen if the American giant EV maker joined the sportswear field. His imagination is simple yet unique.

Tesla Football Shoes

These are his exact word on the masterpiece he has created:

”envision[s] the future of football and [has] a fun take on how certain themes and keywords can drive the design narrative and language of each boot.”

His take and design are unbelievably charming. The color combination is just perfect, while the fabric woven into sides get to Tesla’s logo. It makes some people want to own a pair of them, even if they hate football. Since the sole of the shoes glow, it can be suitable for runners who prefer late nights or twilight.

The glowing lights are so technologically complicated and advanced that only Tesla would be able to make it happen.

The question is will Elon Musk ever show interest? We know that he is selling Teslaquila and Tesla Short Shorts and a Tesla surfboard. So it might be highly likely to happen as well.

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July 17, 2021