Spy Shots Of 2023 Ford Range, It's Approving The Last Testes

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In Europe, the single-cabbed Ranger is offered as a chassis cab or with a cargo area of 2.31 meters. Ford is now testing the latter on Dearborn streets, indicating a brand-new alternative for the North American market for the model year 2023. The chassis cab, on the other hand, is unlikely to materialize because there is little demand for this version in this region of the world.

The work vehicle was spotted with narrow tires wrapped around steelies without hub caps, as well as unpainted side mirrors and white paintwork underneath the black-and-white vinyl disguise.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety does not recommend any headlamp configuration for the 2021 model year, citing insufficient visibility in curves for both low and high beams. As a result, the overall assessment for the Ranger's headlights is mediocre rather than adequate or good.

Underpinned by a brand-new chassis currently used by Ford in the Bronco, the new Ranger is expected to retain the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine we've come to know and love. The head of commercial vehicles at Ford of Europe recently acknowledged the existence of a plug-in hybrid, with the 2.3-liter engine mated to a transmission-mounted electric motor.

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