Sokon SERES Electric Vehicles Exported To Germany

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Days ago, a group of electric vehicles named SERES, made their way to Germany. The arrival of the 200 electric cars was celebrated in this country.

These energy cars’ brand belongs to SOKON. The roots of these vehicles go back to SF Motors, which is an energy company. The firm was founded by SOKON Group in the United States of America two years ago.

The founder and chairman of SOKON Group, Mr. Zhang Xinghai, says that the brand has put so much effort in producing and developing electric vehicles for the past years. It has also invested 10 billion yuan. The results are SERES SF5 and SERES 3. SERES SF5, is the model currently present on the market.

The first year of production was successful for SOKON, since the vehicles were welcomed on the market of Morocco, Pakistan, Ecuador and other countries.

SERES SF5 front

It is not surprise that the export of electrified cars is the chosen strategy for SOKON. Now the company’s goal is to enter the European market and eventually to sell the products globally. SERES series plays a major role in SOKON’s prosperity.

SERES SF5 was debuted in Shanghai Auto Show last year. It was introduced as a new Chinese EV brand.


The design of SERES SF5 is simple yet beautiful. The Sigma headlights are like its signature. The posture is pretty dynamic and the door handles are hidden. The interior is simple and elegant as well as the exterior. You will enjoy the full LCD instrument cluster and the 17-inch display on the center of the console.

SERES SF5 cabin


The 2WD models is powered by one engine and the AWD model uses two engines. The motors are capable of producing 116 horsepower. Other extended versions have a SFG15TR 1.5 liter motor which generates 112 horsepower.

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