SEA Electric Announces Australia’s First Electric Truck

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SEA Electric has started the production of electric trucks. Two SEA electric badge vehicles SEA 300 and SEA 500 based on Hino 500 series and Hino 300 series models are now available in Australia.

As the first company in Australia to provide electric trucks, this may mean that the company will have to deal with early adoption difficulties, such as limited charging infrastructure, but it also marks a new page for Australia.

The truck is powered by SEA Electric's SEA drive power system, which has a variety of performance and range of packages, which can meet the application from 4.5-ton car-licensed vehicles to 22.5-ton 3-axle trucks.

The charging of the SEA drive power system can be carried out through the 415V three-phase power supply through the standard onboard charging equipment of the truck. However, you can also choose to perform DC charging on the vehicle.

o help increase production, SEA Electric purchased 1,000 electric vehicle batteries from long-term technology partner Soundon New Energy Technology. Since 2012, Soundon has been the only battery supplier for SEA Electric and has helped develop 7 SEA drive battery solutions. By redefining this relationship, SEA Electric takes advantage of the cost advantages of Soundon battery and power electronics technology expertise. Orders for battery production are in progress and are expected to be completed sometime in the second quarter of 2021. The transaction also reduced SEA Electric’s unit cost of kWh by 36%.

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