Scania Has Done A New Crash Test For EVs With A VW Golf

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The number of EV cars grows in the market more people and automakers start to concerns about their safety. The main problem with EV safety is that automakers need to design cars in a way that in case of an accident there should be the least amount of impact on the battery.

On the other hand, as the batteries are mostly mounted under the floor they should be designed to absorb the impact energy while not explode or catching fire.

Scania as one of the pioneers of EV vehicles recently performed a crash test by using a VW Golf and an electric truck.

Scania said that this test took months of planning and simulations. Scania designed a new battery pack that can safely deform in case of an accident to absorb impact energy while preventing the energy to destroy critical parts.

This test simulated a real-world situation and a VW Golf crashed from the side, directly to the battery cells. The result was satisfying as the battery could absorb the impact with almost no destroyed cell.

Scania also published a video of this test that you can see in the link below.

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