SAIC Roewe R ER6, A Smart Design In The Chinese Market

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SAIC Roewe R ER6, is the model that was revealed in Shanghai on August. We can call this vehicle Roewe’s first all-electric car ever that was released under the R badge. Now, we believe that Roewe R ER6 is smart car because it actually uses SAIC’s ‘Smart Design’, which is a new electric design method.


This intelligent concept (SAIC’s Smart Design) includes some features such as a closed grill and multiple ribs on the engine compartment cover. Thanks to the R badge, the front part of Roewe R ER6 is really charming.

The lines used in the body are smooth. The overall side design, makes the car look taller than what it actually is. There is a five-spoke petal rim shapes used to create its appearance. This model is 4724mm long, 1835mm wide and 2715mm high.

When you look at the rear end, it reminds you of a very simple traditional sedan. On the other hand, a small ducktail shape is on the edge of its trunk. The headlights are made of Y-shaped LED light sources.

SAIC Roewe ER6 cabin

The interior has a gorgeous design as well. The lines on the center of the console are simple. The two-tone colors make it really chic. The steering wheel is a multi-functional wheel. The 14.1-inch screen is curved, and we see a 12.3-inch LCD instrument cluster.


Roewe R ER6, uses an E-motor TZ204XS1152, which is created by Huayu Automotive Electric System Co., Ltd. This motor generates maximum power of 184 Ps. The battery pack is a ternary lithium-ion one. The range hits 620Km.

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