Rimac C-Two, Artificial And Expert Driver

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When you expend $2million for Rimac C-two, you like take the most advantage of it. That means, your tendency is not give your child a ride to the school or bye your granny’s groceries. This hypercar calls you to the road to feel the pleasure of speed. It isn’t even necessary to be a professional driver, because your personal teacher is there for you.

As this hypersonic EV was unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, apart from the powerful engine and its beautiful design, what was very attractive, was its artificial intelligence technology. In this car you have an active communication with it. When we speak about communication don’t mix it with some verbal commands or digital assistant. This technology is called “Drive coach”.

As Sacha Vrazic, director of Rimac’s autonomous driving team, explained to the Top Gear “What we are building is a system where AI plays a key role in teaching the driver how to perform on racetracks, at the maximum vehicle performance,” Sacha explains. “Not all of our customers are professional drivers, but we want them to really enjoy the car and have fun with it.”

This super offer is an autonomous driving section, has its own driving style. By using supercomputers, this vehicle is able to analyze and store 6 terabytes of data per an hour. This issue is possible just with 9 onboard cameras, LIDAR, radar and 12 ultrasonic sensors. Complex algorithms do the difficult part to give the driver a convenience and dynamic experience.

This wonderful car is armed with Electrical power unit that gives you 1,914-hp and 1696 lb-ft torque. This high-power engine could cause disaster if the wrong people drive it. So, its AI units has the ability to distinguish driver’s anxiety and mistakes, correct them, and speak with the passenger. And of course, it can lead the car too without the driver’s interference.

So, if you own one of the 150 of these fantastic cars, don’t worry at all about scratches on the body, by its help, not just a live car game is achievable, but also you can tackle your driving skill. And of course, challenge the power of your Rimac C-two engine power.

Source: www.topgear.com
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