Renault Express Announced, The Compact Pick Up An Economic Alternative For Kangoo

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The Renault Express is a newcomer to the Dutch commercial vehicle market. There is also a pick-up variant known as the Renault Express Van Pick Up. This is maybe the weirdest Pick Up that you have ever seen.

In the Netherlands, the Renault Express is regarded as a faster and less expensive alternative to the current Renault Kangoo. The new Renault Express, like the new Kangoo, is only available in the Netherlands as a business vehicle. The Renault Express is a Renault-modified and refined version of the Dacia Dokker, complete with a new interior and muzzle. The Renault Express is also available in a few countries as an Express Van Pick-up, the orange realistic commercial vehicle seen in these images.

The Renault Express Van Pick-up is not a Renault creation but will be available through Renault's official channels from time to time. Foraccia, an Italian company specialized in commercial vehicle conversion, produced the cut-open Express with open chassis. Foraccia already had a Dacia Dokker Pick-up in the lineup, and since the Express is a Dokker, converting it to a pick-up was definitely a piece of cake. The new plastic body panels are, in effect, similar to those used on the Dokker Pick-up.


The Renault Express Van Pick-up is a two-seater with a strengthened bottom and a gross weight of 675 kilos. Without the shipping box visible in the images, the freight box has a diameter of 1.79 meters. The open tailgate will support a weight of 300 kg. We do not anticipate a pick-up version of the Renault Express in the Netherlands.

This car can be ordered with a 1.3-liter turbocharged 100-horsepower engine or a 1.5-liter 95-horsepower turbo-diesel.

There are more Renault and Dacia pick-ups that are not available in the Netherlands. Renault, for example, sells the Nissan Navara-based Alaskan in a number of markets, and the Duster Oroch is available in a number of South American countries. Dacia Duster’s previous and present generations are also available with an open loading board, thanks to Romanian Romturingia, but not in the Netherlands. The first-generation Dacia Logan was also available as a pick-up truck. Another Dacia model that we are not familiar with in the Netherlands is the Duster Fiskal, which is a stripped-down version of the Duster.

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