Purchase Your Roof Box From Your Auto Maker, Mercedes-AMG

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Traveling around and having a good time with family is always necessary. So, some people prefer so have a van for travelling and a luxury car to just to show off. Mercedes-AMG have a solution for both aims. You can go on vacation and also use your new Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe with newest Mercedes-AMG Roof Box. This luggage box is created by the creator of your car. What does that mean? That means your car is safe and also the performance of it remains untouched.

Mercedes-AMG Roof Box

Rooftop cargo carrier is designed in the way that doesn’t changes the look of vehicle, but also its design has an engineered aerodynamics. Moreover, this is a special work just for the Mercedes cars which promotes its value.

This Mercedes-AMG roof box is offered in two different versions. One of them is just for Coupe models like the C63. This box can cope with the car-roof curves and conduct the diffuser effect. As the air stream around the car are improved, as a conclusion the noise is also less. On the other hand, the maximum weigh which this luggage box can carry is 70 kilograms. But before packing your bags, be aware of your cars roof-weight restrictions. For example, for the C63, 70-kg is much and the cars roof would might be damaged.

Mercedes AMG roof box aerodynamics

This boxes volume is about 410-liters. This is quit fair with smaller Mercedes’s but for the big ones, this box won’t have a good look. By the way, the performance of the vehicle is secured up to the 81 mph, as Mercedes Benz claims. For higher rages, no evidences yet.

Mercedes amg roof box volume

Actually, these boxes don’t have an official price now but soon it would be available by the company or the partners of it. The time is said to be on November.

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