Pickup Land Rover Discovery, A Beautiful Mexican-British Car

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Land Rover has never been famous for making pickup vehicles though there are some pickup versions of the Land Rover Defender, the British automaker is most known for its SUVs. The Land Rover Discovery is an SUV that sits above the Defender and mostly known as a luxury SUV but here there is a pickup version of the fourth-generation Discovery built by VA-K Innovation, a Mexican company.

They converted this SUV to a beautiful pickup truck. It is not just a prototype and the car is completely practical because the Discoveries body-on-frame design works very well as a pickup.

The result of this conversion is brilliant and the pickup looks really good as you can see in the pictures. The bed is also covered by wood flooring that gives this Mexican-British pickup touch of luxury.

Land Rover Discovery

The Discovery pickup uses a 5.0-liter V8 engine with 370 hp and 510 nm under the hood which is similar to the SUV version. This amount of torque seems enough for a pickup truck.

As this pickup Discovery is a one-off version there is no pricing information yet and possible buyers need to contact the company for more information. while the fifth-generation Discovery now is available in the market as a brand new model in two normal and sport versions, the pickup version can shine as a very rare model in the street as there have been years that we haven't seen any new luxury pickup from automakers.

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