Petite Morris Mini 1000 Is Again On Spotlights, It’s Named Shorty And Looks For New Owner

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Don’t get confused, this Mini here is not a toy, or even a rechargeable car for children. This is an actual Mini 1000. The owner of this vehicle however didn’t think this Mini, is Mini enough. So, get rid of some parts, and named it “Shorty”.

Mini 1000 in its era was one of the popular one, even Mr. bean drove it. but somehow, in 1968 for the first-time photo shooters, hunt “shorty” in its young ages. This car is based on the classic Morris Mini which measured 3,054 mm length. The Mini Shorty was in its times in cream colored suit. But in 2020 it was serviced and had a full body restoration and also the new color.

mini 1000 shorty

Its hard to say how much this car is smaller than the original one, but we can estimate that its about 180 mm shorter. From front to the rear is just 2,870 mm. to make it touchable, just imagine a today's two-seats smart car next to it, and the smart is much bigger than Shorty.

mini 1000 shorty

It was necessary to adapt some parts. For example, the doors needed to be fitted in a shorter wheelbase. Window frames has the shape of the roof. Though, inside the car are the original front seats of Mini, but no rear seats. Parking brake is much important.

Fortunately, this under sizing was just about the body. The engine is still the 998 cc A-Series engine with 38 horsepower (29 kilowatts) and 52 pound-feet (71 Newton-meters) of torque. This engine wasn’t a high expected engine, but by omitting some weights from the car, it should go faster. The custom exhaust system is also here to help.

mini 1000 shorty

This car goes on streets soon in UK, and it must be fun to drive it to daily works. We should get used to seeing such a car as the cities getting crowded. But this time don’t chop your SUV off.

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