No Ford Bronco With A V8 Engine From Factory

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Just about two month ago, 2021 Ford Bronco was introduced in the spotlight. So many campaigns and teasers came out and even us were so excited to see new Bronco and specially the one with a V8 engine. But now, it seems that all the words were just some myths. By the report of Muscle Cars & Truck, the blue oval sees no points in a Bronco V8. A Bronco V8 never leaves the factory.

ford bronco v6 2021 interior

One of the greatest problems with a Coyote V8 under the Bronco’s hood, is the tough emission regulations and Ford don’t want to mess with it. As Bronco’s Chief Engineer, Eric Loefller revealed passing the federal requirements for an off-roader like Bronco, takes much efforts. From the aspect of companies view, what customers want from an engine are high overall hp, torque, capability and fuel economy figures, rather than cylinder count. So, there is no economical profit for using a V8.

On the other hand, Ford Global Program Manager Jeff Seaman, is completely satisfied with a V6 engine. He said:

If the customer experience was significantly enhanced with a Coyote engine, it would have been under serious consideration. In all honesty, that EcoBoost motor is damn good and when you get out of it you don’t say, ‘I wish I had a bigger engine

2021 Ford Bronco

Although Bronco won’t receive a V8 from the company, but thinking that this SUV would always have a V6 with a 310-hp is total wrong. Bronco Raptors engine is likely a 3.0-L twin-turbo EcoBoost V. this engine has 400-hp power and 415 lb-ft torque. The other option is Bronco hybrid which is capable to challenge the Jeep Wrangler 4xe which has the same engine as Raptor but with higher horse-power because of its electric motors.

By the way, wishing for a Bronco V8 never the help of aftermarket tuning, nothing is impossible.

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