NIO ET7 Electric Sedan To Rate 5 Stars In Euro NCAP

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The sole European organization for evaluating vehicle safety, Euro NCAP, conducted crash tests on the NIO ET7 all-electric sedan. In the Euro NCAP safety rating, the NIO ET7 received five stars.

The NIO ET 7 received a 91% rating for adult occupants in the ratings. Here, the frontal impact was where it fell short. The ET7 received an 87% rating in the category of child occupants. Although it performed flawlessly in the crash tests, the absence of safety features reduced the overall rating. Due primarily to the absence of the active bonnet, the ET7 received a score of only 73% in the category of vulnerable road users. The safety assist segment received the highest rating, at 95%.

NIO ET7 Electric Sedan

A pedestrian's head was typically well-protected or adequate, according to a brief summary by Euro NCAP experts. At all test sites, the bumper provided excellent protection for pedestrians' legs, but pelvic protection was primarily inadequate or nonexistent. The ET7's autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system can respond to both vulnerable road users and other vehicles. In tests of its response to pedestrians and cyclists, the system performed admirably, with collisions avoided in the majority of test scenarios.


The NIO ET7 continues to have some flaws. The ET7 (Executive trim-level) lacks a knee airbag, a rear side chest airbag, and a side pelvis airbag, according to Euro NCAP experts. The NIO ET7's front passenger seat lacks Isofix attachment points, which is a drawback in terms of child safety. Additionally, it has no integrated Child Restraint System (CRS).

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