#NEXTGen Report: BMW Group And Its New Driving Simulation Center

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The BMW Group, is trying its best to use every single opportunity for developing and testing the requirements and creating realistic conditions with the new Driving Simulation Center. There are 14 simulators and labs which cover 11.400 square meters. This center might change the automotive industry forever.

What we know

The head of the BMW Group research interiors, user interaction, user experience and driving simulation, Michael Brachvogel said:

“The aim of the new center is to provide the ideal simulation tool for every area and every phase of the vehicle development process, all under one roof. We can perform test drives for studies with up to 100 test persons per day.”


There are many specialist areas for vehicle development which use an ideal simulation tool to provide a realistic situation. Driving simulation, plays an important part in the BMW Group, since they use it to for driving dynamics development. The new simulators, are very useful tools to develop and test the new systems and they play the role of links between the test of hardware and software components.

Since the demands related to intelligence and high-tech vehicles are ever-growing, the new center can help the industry and the future products of the BMW Group a lot. It also offers variety of advantages to develop better driving assistant systems. Visually and technology wise, high-fidelity and high-dynamic simulators stand out as the new features of the center. The situations made by them, has never been experienced before.

Since the BMW Group has years of experience in this field, the company is trying to push the limits and try harder amid the Covid-19 pandemic. So, creating on the most intelligent facilities that simulate real-life driving experiences, has not been a piece of cake and it has taken a lot of time.

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