New 2021 Renault Captur Introduced With Big Range Of Engines

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The 2021 Renault Captur is here and also the French automaker released the price too. But it not just about a new price tag on it. This new big SUV is inspired by the world of motorsports, so Captur reinforces its athletic character. Some details due to that are changed and some are improved too. And of course, the value is new too.

To make a Captur sporty for 2021, Renault has used a front bumper with F1 blade and honeycomb grille, a grey rear air diffuser, over-tinted windows and rear window, a double chromed cannula and 18-inch Le Castellet alloy wheels. An R.S. impressive not? If it’s hard to distinguish the model just look at the Line badge on the trunk door.

2021 Renault Captur

Inside this car the exciting trims of red are used as this color always is representative of a sport car. we can see this color on the edged upholstery and on the perforated leather steering wheel. The gray stitching does their work too. Despite of the aluminum door sills which is could be seen on all of Renault cars, the interior is decorated with a red line on the air vents and the dashboard, which has a carbon finish. Moreover, some features like the front and rear parking aid with rear view camera, 10 -inch digital dashboard, induction charger and electrochromic interior mirror are standard equipment.

What is very own for the 2021 Captur? the 360° camera, the shark antenna has a black finish on the relevant roof colors, the front and rear skis gain in distinction with an Erbé gray finish and the steering wheel paddles are adorned with chrome.

More importantly, the waste selection of engine options are available on the new Captur. Petrol (TCe 90 and 140), LPG (TCe 100 LPG) and Plug-in Hybrid (E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid 160) are the engines which are already used for this vehicle and also there is a high probability too see E-TECH Hybrid versions.


But how much you should pay for the 2021 model? As the table below shows, for deferent models, different engines and also different price is considered. But on average with 25,000 € one Captur could be yours.

2021 Renault Captur Price List

VersionEnginePrices (incl. VAT)
Renault Captur ZenTCe 9021 750 €
Renault Captur ZenTCe 100 GPL21 750 €
Renault Captur ZenTCe 140 FAP23 600 €
Renault Captur ZenTCe 140 EDC FAP25 550 €
Renault Captur IntensTCe 9024 350 €
Renault Captur IntensTCe 100 GPL24 350 €
Renault Captur IntensTCe 140 FAP26 200 €
Renault Captur IntensTCe 140 EDC FAP28 150 €
Renault Captur IntensE-TECH Plug-in 16034 850 €
Renault Captur R.S. LineTCe 140 FAP28 400 €
Renault Captur R.S. LineTCe 140 EDC FAP30 350 €
Renault Captur R.S. LineE-TECH Plug-in 16037 050 €
Renault Captur Initiale ParisTCe 140 EDC FAP31 850 €
Renault Captur Initiale ParisE-TECH Plug-in 16038 550 €
Renault Captur BusinessTCe 9022 350 €
Renault Captur BusinessTCe 100 GPL22 350 €
Renault Captur BusinessTCe 140 FAP24 200 €
Renault Captur BusinessTCe 140 EDC FAP26 150 €

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