Mission R, The Future Electric Race Car Of Porsche Is A Concept Now

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At the IAA Munich Motor show, Porsche shocked every one with its new race car. This race car is nothing alike the others, this is an electric vehicle that is constructed by sustainable materials. It seems, Porsche believes, electric race cars have bright future and have great potentials, but for now, this will remain as a concept.

porsche mission r electric race car

This Race car, is called Mission R. the power of this vehicle comes from a new generation electric motor with a combined peak output of 1,073 hp. That’s wonderful for electric motors. Along with high power, there is all wheel drive system to make 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds possible. This vehicle, as company claims can also hit 300 km/h as its top speed. From angle of performance, Porsche compares it with Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.

As told, the high power comes from new generation of electric motors. The maximum power is produced in such a complex way. The electric race car can produce a constant power of 680 hp. But, advanced 900-volt technology ensures up to 75 percent of the oil-cooled battery can be recharged in just 15 minutes. During this time, the perfect design and active aerodynamic components which are three louvers in each of the two side air intakes on the nose section and an adjustable, two-section rear wing, do their job .

porsche mission r electric race car

Porsche told, for building this car, just sustainable materials are used. The whole body is made of natural fiber reinforced plastic (NFRP), just like some components inside the cabin. Just like hyper cars, this race cars have carbon fiber composite materials with high protection for the driver’s safety. The cabin is also a bit shorter than 718 Cayman. Mission R is 1,190 millimeters high, 4,326 mm long, and 1,990 mm wide.

porsche mission r electric race car

Porsche has its own agenda for future. For every one of this companies’ car, will be an electric version too. Although Mission R is now just a concept, but in near future by adopting new technologies, maybe we could see it. this automaker delivered more than 4,400 Cup cars in last three decades.

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