Mercedes EQS Officially Displays Interior Screens, Different But Still Big

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The standard EQs leaves the small but quiet screen of the last hour of S-class. Each time a new self debut, we usually only see images of the most expensive ornamental height equipped with all bells and whistles. This makes sense because the car (usually) looks better, but at some rare occasions, automakers also share images of the standard model. Case at the point, here's the 2022 Mercedes EQS without the heavy interior.

The regular version of Daimler's first dedicated electric car is shown here without hyperscreen configuration. Instead, the central screen has the same 12.8-inch diagonal than in the most recent class S, from which the EQS also built the link assembled buttons below. As in the traditional flagship that carries the three-point star, the main screen uses OLED TECH for crispy graphics and vibrant colors.

The 12.3-inch LCD digital screen for driver is the same in both versions while the OLED screen is gone on the passenger side of the board. Remove the huge 17.7-inch OLED touch screen and the additional screen means that the curved glass cover also disappears, which creates a control panel design that is very similar to what is found in the S-Class.

Mercedes EQS

In fact, we prefer this look on the class S, since the air openings on the circular side are more elegant, while the base in the infajainally is better integrated. In fact, take this interior configuration on the optional EQS hyperscreen, but it is a matter of taste at the end of the day. It is a good thing that Mercedes gives people opportunities, since some were sure that some really go without the 56-inches screen of real estate for the version.

Mercedes shows three different interior versions of the basic model, including a more sporty configuration with a flat steering wheel, black leather and many stars illuminated on the passenger board. The other two have a classic look with the upholstery of cream and white and the wooden potion.

The EQS will be presented completely on April 15th and it is already known that it is clear from a smaller EQE sedan in September. Come 2022, both are the two SUV versions, and logic tells us that the EQS SUV will have an almost identical interior. It remains to be seen if the smallest models are offered with the hyperscreen or only the central screen of 12.8 inches.

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