Mercedes Benz S-Class Brabus 500 With Price Of 350,000 USD

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It sounds that the S Class of Mercedes is at the top of the carmakers such a carrier, through which the definitive model can be seen. You should know that if you need a peak model, Brabus can have something to offer in the form of a Brabus 500 (its last creature). So as we all know about Brabus and his coordinated versions of Mercedes-Benz, Intelligent and Maybach vehicles, then the coordinated class is no surprise. Last year, the W223 model made his debut, and it is therefore time when the German tuner is dirty and gives a dog maximum touching the reception.

Mercedes S-Class, Brabus 500


The header updates are of course Brabus of S500 gasoline with the B50 module from the B50-500 PowerXtra plugin. Now the energy production increases at 493 hp (368 kilowatts) and 435 pounds-feet (590 meters from Newton) in this case. These facts hack the increase of velocity from 0 to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) to 4.7 seconds in Brabus. Also you should know that the diesel S400d receives an update via the BRABUS power kit PowerXTRA D40, which provides the final power of 365 hp (272 kW) and 553 lb-ft (553 Nm). Brabus's knowledge, these two will not be recently billing ups. Therefore we can expect S580 and soon or late, his Twin Turbo V8 picks up its Brabus correction.

A front spoiler, revamped side-air intakes, LED side signs, modified rear accessories and chromed tailpipe embellishers in black, these are the set of aerodynamic improvements which are accessible. It means Brabus improvements do not stop the engine.

Also, not so far, the naked carbon fiber spoiler is available. However, The traditional of Brabus Mono-block M Platinum edition made-up alloy wheels that determine 21 inches in diameter, can be the biggest and main visual update. And it finishes the black and white diabolical theme, in contrast to the two-way black Brabus theme in the cabin.


Obviously, you should not be surprised, but these improvements in Brabus are not exactly economic, because the prices start with € 293,000 which is about 350,000 USD.

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Jane Hiatt
March 10, 2022

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