Meet The Mocha, WEY’s New Chinese SUV

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WEY Automobile is a Chinese auto manufacturer and it has recently launched of its new cars which is a SUV, the Mocha. This vehicle is based on the Coffee Smart platform and comes with two different type is powertrain: 2.0T+9DCT fuel version and 2.0T+9HDCT plug-in hybrid version.


The appearance is really different from the other models. The grille comes with a hexagonal design and it is surrounded by two LED headlights. The company’s logo is placed in the middle and makes it look so luxury and advanced.

WEY Mocha

With a 2915mm wheelbase, the length, width and height of the WEY Mocha is 4875mm, 1960mm and 1690mm. The door handles are hidden, as well as the exhaust. The new brake lights benefit from a new design.


Inside the cabin, many things have changed or have been redesigned. There are two touchscreens which are pretty big. There is also this mini LCD screen which is there to expand the driver’s field of sight. The central control comes with a crystal shaped lever which is electronic.

Mocha is the first WEY car that is based on Coffee Smart platform and the vehicle is equipped with Qualcomm 8155 high-performance data processing chip, AR-HUD head-up display, and lidar. In the future, it will be equipped with more driving assistants and more technologies.


The Mocha SUV comes with an E20N 2.0T turbocharged engine that is ready to produce 213 horsepower. There is also a 48V light-mix auxiliary power system. It is paired with a 9-speed dual-clutch transmission. As we mentioned before, there is also a plug-in hybrid power system which includes E20N 2.0T engine.

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