Meet MAN TGX, The Truck Of The Year

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A Jury of 24 trade journalist, have chosen the all-new MAN TGX as the international truck of the year. The reason they picked this truck is its comfort, safety and reliability, connectivity, its innovation, fuel efficiency and great operator control.

Andreas Tostman, MAN Truck & Bus CEO said,

”The title International Truck of the Year is tremendous recognition for the outstanding work put in by our team at MAN. For more than five years now, the team has been working with a single objective in mind: to develop the best truck for drivers and our customers and to get it out on the road. This coveted award just goes to show: We did it.”

The jury members were impressed by MAN TGX’s digital instrument cluster and display as multimedia functions help the performance of the steering wheel. The MAN SmartSelect system could catch their eye as well as the other great functions.

MAN TGX truck of the year

The jurors could not believe how efficient a truck can be during the test drives. Compared to the older models, MAN TGX could save up to %8.2 of its fuel. International Truck of the Year president Gianenrico Griffini says,

”The new MAN TGX represents a major step forward in terms of driver comfort, fuel efficiency, connectivity and human-machine interface. So, there is no doubt why the new MAN TGX was voted Truck of the Year 2021. It is a future-oriented truck that meets the transport needs of today and tomorrow.”

MAN TGX is a true an example of how the heavy-duty vehicles can be efficient, sufficient, innovative and technologically rich at the same time.

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