Mansory’s Ferrari F9XX Tempesta Celeste Is Outstanding

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The Ferrari F9XX variant of the SF90 Spider, which Mansory presented, will be much rarer than the F9XX Coupe.

The F9XX Tempesta Celeste, the official name of the new model, shares a lot of similarities with the Coupe in terms of overall appearance. As a result, the exterior is primarily made of thin carbon fiber components, beginning at the front end with a splitter that is so sharp that even a gentle touch might break ankles. Mansory has modified the grille and air intakes for the hybrid supercar in addition to creating a new bumper.

Another modification is a custom hood with exposed carbon fiber that extends to prominent air louvers on each of the front quarter panels.

Mansory Ferrari F9XX

Mansory also created new wing mirror caps, distinctive side skirts, and aerodynamic fins for the SF90. There is a new carbon fiber engine cover, and the rear buttresses are likewise covered in forged carbon fiber. A dramatic diffuser and quad exhausts complete the exterior changes.

The Ferrari also has ultra-light forged wheels that are 21.5" in diameter up front and 22.5" in back. The front and rear tires on these wheels are 255/30 and 335/25, respectively.

A lot of new leather and carbon fiber accents have been added to the Mansory F9XX Tempesta Celeste's interior. Clients will have the option of customizing their ideal cabin.

Ferrari F9XX

The SF90 Spider's powertrain has also undergone a number of changes. In actuality, the 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 has been altered to produce 980 horsepower and 980 Nm of torque on its own. With its three remaining electric motors producing a combined 1,100 horsepower, the supercar can reach 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds and maintain that speed up to 355 km/h.

there is no word of pricing yet but dont expect it to be cheap when you see the Mansory badge on something.

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