Lotus Emeya Revealed At Guangzhou Auto Show

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The Guangzhou Auto Show in 2023 marked the official public debut of the Lotus Emeya. It is a British-Chinese electric super sedan with 905 horsepower that was created by Lotus Technologies and produced at Geely's Wuhan facility.

The EV is based on Geely's upgraded SEA platform, the Electric Premium Architecture (EPA) platform. With a length of over 5.1 meters, Emeya is a large car. Its measurements are 5139 mm in length, 2005 mm in width, 1464 mm in height, and 3069 mm in wheelbase. It is a 4-door, 5-seat vehicle.

Lotus Emeya

Emeya has a diffuser and rear spoiler installed. The spoiler can produce up to 215 kg of downforce when it is raised. When the vehicle speed exceeds 90 km/h, the active diffuser automatically opens, allowing airflow through the chassis.

A sizable steering wheel, a sizable center control screen, a driver's instrument panel that is narrow, and a small LCD for the digital rearview mirror are all located inside the vehicle. A 55-inch augmented reality head-up display is another feature of it. Numerous tactile buttons, a sizable central tunnel featuring two cupholders, and an abundance of high-quality materials like Nappa leather and Ultrafabrics are all present.

Lotus Emeya EV

The powertrain options will be 611 horsepower and 905 horsepower. The higher trim boasts a power of 905 horsepower (305 hp from the front and 611 kW from the rear motor), while the lower trim has twin engines with a maximum combined power of 450 kW (305 hp each). There is a maximum speed limit of 256 km/h.

Because Emeya is based on 800V architecture, expect extremely quick charging. According to Lotus, a 350 kW supercharger can provide 180 km in 5 minutes, and 10% to 80% can be completed in 15 minutes. It will have a CATL 102 kWh battery. There are 2,565 kg of curb weight. Emeya has four lidars as well.

Lotus Emeya Sedan

By integrating a battery beneath the middle section of the car's body and advancing the cockpit slightly, Lotus claims to have achieved an almost ideal 50:50 front-to-rear axle weight distribution.

Following the release of the Eletre SUV last year, the Emeya is Lotus's second mass-produced vehicle. The supersport is expected to arrive in European markets in 2025, with deliveries scheduled to begin in the first half of 2024.Although Emeya's availability in North America is unknown, Geely already offers the Chinese-made Polestar 2 for sale there, so a pleasant surprise could be in store.

In September, Lotus made a hint about the impending launch by applying for a Chinese sales license for Emeya. Although the price hasn't been revealed yet, it should cost roughly 1 million yuan (137k USD).

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