Lexus RC Emotional Ash Edition Introduced Just For Japanese Market

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As Lexus company announced earlier, Lexus RC, Lexus CT, and Lexus IS are coming home again and will not be available in the European Markets but it doesn’t mean company won’t have its cars back! In the Japanese Market, Lexus has the Surprise of Lexus RC new edition with the addition mode “Emotional Ash". The look it self is very elegant.

Emotional Ash Lexus RC 2021 Edition

Maybe not every body would like this special edition. That’s up to you. this upgrade is not just out side of the car, but also goes in side the car too to keep the harmony of black and gray combination. This new edition is available for the whole RC lineup and specially all the RC cars as they chosen to have Emotional Ash option, they will have also the Trinocular full-LED headlamps.

What Really The Emotional Ash Means?

By this new edition your Lexus RC will have a jet-black frame for its spindle grille. This grill has a glossy black finish to make the car more aesthetic. For the side mirrors, the caps have high-gloss black. Comes to the mufflers this option is available too. Moreover, the mufflers 19-inch alloys have some special coating which is used for F Sport trim. This Emotional Ash edition can also be the White Nova Glass Flake and Sonic Chrome body colors.

Exterior Look of Lexus RC Emotional Ash Edition

Interior look will have the harmonic taste too. The steering wheel, dashboard, and door cards, just look like the exterior, have the same darkness. They are mainly in gray and black colors and also door cards have a coated dark Ash wood treatment. For the seats pure leather are used and they are stitched with silver strings. The same leather is used for the steering wheel and paddle shifters.

Also, the welcome screen for the 8-inch TFT LCD instrument panel is considers for the Emotional Ash. That makes the main difference between the regular Lexus RC and new Edition.

2021 lexus RC Emotional Ash Edition


As this new edition is just for the Japan, we couldn’t see one in other markets yet. Anyway, for having this new black look the ranges from 6,469,000 yen to 7,477,000 yen ($62,000 to $72,000) is tagged.

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