Land Rover Defender Is Upgraded By Ares Design With 282 Horsepower

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Ares Design is an Italian luxury coach-builder and very well-known for its Wami Lalique Spyder. Now the company has revealed the new Land Rover Defender’s design, to prove that it can be subtle when it comes to designing some specific models.


The appearance looks resembles the original off-roader, with a few modern upgrades and changes. Of course, when it comes to the powertrain, the new vehicle is much stronger.

Base on Ares’ taste, the fenders have become wider, any visible body bolt has been eliminated and some other touches have been added. The company has used carbon fiber for some parts, such as the hood and the one-piece front end. The LED headlights and the circular LED taillights are new as well.

The panoramic roof, 18-inch wheels (especially made by Ares) and a larger rear window are among the other new visual features. Inside, we get to see new leather seats alongside carbon fiber trim, a brand-new infotainment system equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and electric windows.

Ares design land rover defender


The refreshments are not limited to the appearance only, since the main story remains asleep under the hood.

There is a start-up button to put the engine on fire and start it. The powertrain includes a 4.8-liter V8 that is able to generate 282 horsepower and 440 Nm of torque. This is a replacement for the main four-cylinder turbo diesel engine. The system is paired with six-speed automatic transmission and its suspension has been lifted 1.4 inches.

According to the company, the buyers can customize the cabin and replace the carbon fiber trim with aluminum one. The deliveries of the newly designed Land Rover Defender won’t be able for the next three months.

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