Kia EV5 IS On The Way To China

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On April 1st, Kia commenced production of export models of the EV5 in China. Initially confined to the Chinese market, this compact electric SUV will now be exported from China to both left-hand and right-hand drive markets.

The vehicle has already made its debut in right-hand drive format, having been showcased at last month's Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS). Kia Thailand disclosed pricing for the car during the event, positioning it below the larger EV6. Reports suggest that the car will soon make its way to Australia.

Kia EV5

The Kia EV5 made its official debut at last year's Guangzhou Auto Show. It stands as Kia's first globally manufactured EV in China, leveraging the company's 800V E-GMP platform. In China, it is powered by a 217 hp electric motor on the front axle, delivering 310 Nm of torque, with no current availability of an all-wheel drive version. However, for export markets, an all-wheel drive variant will be offered, featuring an additional 95 hp motor on the rear axle. This configuration reduces the acceleration time from 8.5 seconds to 6.1 seconds, while the top speed remains unchanged at 185 km/h. A GT version is slated for future release.

Kia EV5 interior

Battery specifications appear to differ by market. In China, there are presently six available versions, offering a choice between a 64.2 kWh or 88.1 kWh battery pack, providing ranges of 530 km and 720 km CLTC respectively. Both battery packs are sourced from FinDreams, a subsidiary of BYD, and utilize the renowned lithium iron phosphate (LFP) Blade battery. Thai versions appear to adopt similar batteries, while the Korean market variant is expected to feature a 58 kWh battery for the standard version and an 81 kWh pack for the long-range version. Reports suggest that certain markets may opt for NMC batteries instead of LFP. The Kia EV5 supports both Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) capabilities.

For enhanced driving convenience, the car is equipped with an i-Pedal system, facilitating true one-pedal driving. Inside, it boasts a dual 12.3-inch continuous screen setup, seamlessly integrating the instrument panel with the infotainment screen, along with an additional 5-inch climate control screen. Seat options include eco-friendly recycled PET fabric and Bio-PU leather coverings, while the rear seats fold completely flat.

Kia EV5 suv

With dimensions resembling a scaled-down EV9, the Kia EV5 measures 4615 mm in length, 1875 mm in width, and 1715 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2750 mm. Manufactured by Yueda Kia at the 4.0 intelligent manufacturing plant in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, the Kia EV5 represents a collaboration between Kia and local partners. Yueda Kia aims to export 200,000 cars annually by 2026, currently serving over 50 countries, with plans to expand to 80 countries in the near future.

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