Introducing the Range Rover Sport Celestial Collection

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Land Rover has just launched the new Range Rover Sport Celestial Collection, a special edition series inspired by ancient mythology and the wonders of the cosmos. This unique lineup includes five distinct designs, each showcasing a custom exterior color, unique engravings, and special finishes. Let’s explore the details of this intriguing collection.

Although pricing details haven't been disclosed yet, it's important to note that the Range Rover Sport SV, which serves as the base for this collection, is equipped with a powerful twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine. This engine produces 626 horsepower and 749 Nm of torque, enabling the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 290 km/h.

Range Rover Sport Celestial Collection

First up is the Range Rover Sport SV Gaea, which draws its inspiration from Greek mythology. It features a striking Green Terre Matte exterior paired with a contrasting Narvik Black roof. The design is further enhanced by carbon fiber tailpipes and Carbon Bronze brake calipers. Inside, the vehicle boasts luxurious Caraway Windsor leather seats and elegant Natural Brown Silver Birch wood trim.

Next, we have the Theia Curation, which takes a different approach with its Grey Satin exterior that sparkles with metallic flakes reminiscent of the moon. This model rides on 23-inch forged wheels finished in champagne gold and is equipped with black brake calipers. The interior features a stylish combination of Ebony and Pimento Windsor leather, complemented by gloss black trim and a satin forged carbon fiber accent on the center console.

2025 Range Rover Sport Celestial Collection

The Io Curation is named after one of Jupiter’s moons and features a Cyllene Gloss exterior inspired by Io's 400 active volcanoes. This model includes a carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber tailpipes, and 23-inch carbon fiber wheels. The interior is adorned with Ebony and Lunar Windsor leather, along with carbon fiber trim, creating a sophisticated and modern look.

Then there's the Vega Curation, named after a prominent star in the Lyra constellation. This model features a Verrier Blue exterior in honor of French astronomer Urban Le Verrier. It also comes with various carbon fiber components, including the hood, tailpipes, badges, and wheels. The interior showcases a two-tone design with Natural Cream Ash Burr wood trim, adding a touch of elegance and refinement.

Last but not least, the Sol Curation pays homage to the sun with its vibrant Aurora Yellow exterior, contrasted by a black roof, black wheels, and black brake calipers. This model also incorporates carbon fiber accents and features a unique leather-free interior with Nano-Yellow contrast stitching.

Range Rover Celestial Collection

Range Rover's Managing Director, Geraldine Ingham, explained the vision behind the Celestial Collection: "Today’s discerning luxury clients are seeking more than just beautiful designs – they desire vehicles that offer personal connections and meaningful experiences. The Celestial Collection from Range Rover SV represents an ethereal and unique array of our most luxurious vehicles, meticulously crafted for clients who appreciate meaning, spirituality, and storytelling in their automotive choices."

In essence, the Range Rover Sport Celestial Collection offers a fusion of high performance, luxurious craftsmanship, and mythological inspiration, catering to clients who value both aesthetics and deeper, personal connections with their vehicles.

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