Hyundai will only sell electric vehicles in Europe, beginning in 2035

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The European Commission has already prepared a plan that, if adopted, will virtually prohibit automakers from selling cars with traditional powertrains by the middle of the next decade.

Hyundai is the latest carmaker to unveil its ambitious carbon-neutral plan, but it's not all about battery-powered EVs; the firm is also dedicated to hydrogen propulsion.

Hyundai plans to phase out gasoline and diesel engines in Europe by 2035. Hyundai will become a completely electric brand in most major worldwide markets by 2040, according to a statement made at the commencement of the IAA Munich.

Hyundai expects battery-electric and fuel cell electric vehicles to account for 80% of total yearly sales, up from 30% at the end of this decade. By 2045, the company's entire worldwide activities will be powered by renewable energy.

A new Nexo model has been announced for 2023 when a minivan with the same form of propulsion will be released. A large fuel cell SUV will be introduced in the second part of the decade. The stunning Prophecy concept is on show at the IAA Munich to herald the arrival of the production model, the Ioniq 6 sedan, in 2022.

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