Huber Era Is Here To Celebrate 10th Birthday of Lamborghini Aventador

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Almost 11 years has passed since Lamborghini debuted the Aventador and changed our lives forever. The “then flagship”, the Murcielago, was replaced by Aventador. The supercar became super popular in such a short time that no one could believe. Before the SUVs take over the market, the model was the best of its own time.

Since it happened almost a decade ago, we just celebrated its 10th birthday. So, feel old yet? Sorry to remind you the ugly truth.

Anyways, to make Aventador’s 10th birthday more special, a Dubai-based tuner called Huber, designed its own version of the supercar and our jaws are on the floor. The name of the vehicle is Huber Era.

It is safe to say that Huber is here to blow your minds away. The model is based on the original 2011 model and pays tribute to it. Just take a single look at it and fall in love.

Huber Era

The front and rear bumper of the Huber Era is benefits from a unique design. The point is that they are both made of carbon fiber, the material that is getting more and more popular every day in the industry. The carbon fiber part come in different hues.

Sean-Peter Huber, the founder of Huber says:

While we might be the new kid on the block, we feel that when designing new aero packages for a car, you have to consider both a clean sheet of paper and the North Star of its pre-existing DNA as your guide

The design might look simple, but it shows how bright the future of the company is, especially with presenting this gorgeous Aventador to the world.

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