How Much Do You Pay For This BMW M8 Competition?

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There is a 2020 BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe on sale in Abu Dhabi which has a very distinctive look with its Individual package.

The first thing that catches the eye about this M8 Competition is it’s Individual American Metalic Paint. The paint itself costs $1,950. The model benefits $5,400 optional M Carbon Pack which contains side air vents, grille, mirror cap, and rear diffuser. The 20-inch M Star bi-color wheels, rear spoiler and carbon roof are also part of the M Carbon Pack.

BMW M8 Competition

Inside the cabin, we can see BMW Individual Merino Silverstone/Black leather upholstery mixed with the carbon fiber trim on the center console.



Underpin the M8 Competition package there is a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with 617 hp and 750 nm of torque. Power sent to all four wheels via 8-speed automation transmission, enabling the M8 to hit 100 kph in 3 seconds. On the other hand, the M8 Competition is an eco-friendly car and consumes only 11.2 l/100km of fuel.


This particular car costs about $143,000 and is available for sale in Emirates.

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