Haval Chulian Crossover, A Beautiful Chinese Car

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The beautiful Haval Chulian is a crossover by Great Wall Motors. It was first revealed at this year’s Beijing Auto Show. It is so attractive that you will fall in love with immediately.

It will first go on sale in the Chinese market. The crossover features a stylish exterior as well as a modern interior and powertrain. It is also equipped with some advanced technologies.

Haval Chulian


It looks pretty simple, yet super stylish and graceful. The front fascia features a couple of headlights with really bold design and style. They look like inverted horizontal snake teeth.

The style of the rear part is not as bold as the front and it looks a bit more conservative although the shape of the taillights is the same as the headlights. You can see the ‘Haval’ brand name plastered over the tailgate. Some people say it is not most attractive crossover of the market, but we beg to differ! We have seen far worse looking crossovers before and we know that Haval Chulian is not one of those, especially the entry-levels, especially in China!

Inside the cabin, there is this digital gauge cluster, and a large dashboard-mounted touchscreen display, which is for the infotainment system. The upper dash is neatly stitched. We also get a weird looking head-up display.

Engine & Specs

The new Haval Chulian is equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine which generates 156 horsepower and 220 Nm of torque. The powertrain is paired with 7-speed robotized transmission with two clutches and the front-wheel drive capability.

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