Gucci-Branded Cadillac Seville Hot Wheels

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Gucci celebrates its 100th anniversary by collaborating with Mattel to produce the world's first Gucci-branded Hot Wheels vehicle. The 1:64 scale Seville has gold piping on the seats and Gucci's double G design on the back of the roof. This model comes in a lovely box with a covering that bears the name of the fashion house.

The Gucci-branded Cadillac Seville isn't simply a dream car for linking the two companies together. There are real ones out there.

The AMC Hornet for the 1972 model year was the first automobile to have a Gucci edition. They had reclining front seats in ivory, green, and red color scheme, which was very 1970s. The carpet was dark green, and the headliner was ivory and green with a double G design. It's a strange blend of a high-end fashion label and a pretty plebian label.

Gucci eventually parted ways with AMC and teamed with Miami-based coachbuilder International Automotive Design Incorporated (IAD). The company bought new Cadillac Sevilles with all the bells and whistles and significantly customized them with Gucci touches.

Gucci  Cadillac Seville Hot Wheels

For the 1978 model year, the first ones were offered. The headrests and armrests were saddle brown leather with the signature Gucci design. The headliner was adorned with a double G pattern.

It is unknown how many of these Sevilles were produced in 1978. For 1979, the business manufactured 200 cars at a cost of $22,900 each. In 2021 dollars, that's approximately $95,000.

Cadillac Seville Hot Wheels

The 1982 Cadillac Seville will be available for purchase online or at the brand's boutiques in key cities such as New York, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Milan, London, and Berlin on October 18 for $120.

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